Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” I’m not sure he had the modern church in mind when he made this statement.

As a pastor, you live with the tension of “we aren’t competing with other churches vs. not being satisfied with where we are.”

We are on the same team and yet each church is called to be the best they can be for God. Too often churches copy inspiration, instead of creating it.

I’ve felt this.

Every conference, book, or church that explodes in growth becomes the next over–copied strategy.

There is nothing wrong with learning from other churches, but what if God has called you to lead your own mission and not simply borrow someone else’s?

To discover your unique mission ask…

  • What is it that only our church can do in our community?
  • What can we do better than any church in our community?
  • If our church disappeared, would the community miss us?

Those are difficult questions to wrestle with.

Growth happens when we are brutally honest with ourselves and take action to improve the areas we don’t love.

There may be some pushback to, “What can we do better than any church in our community?” I get that but do not dismiss this question too quickly. God has strategically placed you in your community for such a time as this. Know what you do better than any other church and discover why God has placed you in this zip code.

I think we should celebrate what other churches do well. We are on the same team. We can truly celebrate when we know what God has specifically called us to do.

You can have success copying someone else’s vision. However, to leave a mark on a specific region, the vision has to be unique to you.

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