HELP! I’m a pastor and someone just left my church. [Part II]

This is part II of a 2 part series. To read part I click here. How would you want to be treated by a pastor if you were the who left the church? Whatever that is, do that. Don’t freak out every [...]


HELP! I’m a pastor and someone just left my church. [Part I]

No matter what you do as a pastor, people will leave your church. I have regular conversations with pastors who experience this type of loss. Every pastor has key people leave. It always stings. [...]


Implementing A Fresh Vision

Church would be easier if we could just get up and preach on whatever we felt led to do and didn’t have to worry about leading people, budgets, buildings, and staff. Have you ever had that [...]


How To Identify And Hire Staff

Hiring staff is difficult. If it’s easy for you then please know that’s a gift. I took the DiSC personality profile and it gives amazing insight into how I react to stress, as well as [...]


How To Increase Productivity Without Sacrificing Your Family Time

Burn out is a legitimate fear that happens to a lot of people both in and outside of the church world. As Americans our stress level is out of control. 77% of Americans feel they regularly feel [...]