90 Day Giving Challenge: Resource Bundle

Part of the mission of Church BOOM is to provide Pastors and Church leaders with a variety of practical tools and resources that enable them to spend less time creating documents, editing video, and opening Photoshop, and more time doing what they do best: Being Pastors.

Inside this resource bundle, you’re going to find everything you need to create and complete your own 90 Day Giving Challenge in your Church.

1. Watch the Training Track

2. Review The Playbook

Inside our Giving Challenge Playbook, you’ll find how-to guides, follow-up templates, handwritten letter samples, implementation instructions, and just about everything you need to cast the vision and run a successful 90 Day challenge in your Church.

This digital playbook is a made-for-you resource, which means that you can make edits and adjustments to the individual content, and you’ll have plenty of space to drop in your own logo to make it yours.

  • Vision Statement
  • Sample Timelines
  • Pre & Post Series To-Do Lists
  • Follow-Up Email Templates
  • How-To Guide
  • Handwritten Letter Templates

3. Check Out The Branding Package

When you download the 90 Day Giving Challenge Resource Bundle, you’ll receive the complete sermon series branding package that goes with it entitled: Breathing Room. The sermon series branding package includes sermon outlines and notes, layered files, social media graphics, giving cards, and more!

4. Schedule Your Coaching Call

Have questions, or maybe your Church has unique obstacles to overcome? We’re including a 30-minute coaching call session with an experienced Pastor from our Church BOOM team.


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