Breaking 200: Step 1 – Let’s Connect

Welcome to Breaking 200! We are so excited that you have chosen to partner with us so that we can go on this journey together. Remember, this isn’t a program, it’s a partnership… and for that partnership to work, there has to be a relationship in place.

That’s why the very first step in Breaking 200 is for you and me to have an introductory call together. It’s a great place to establish a relationship and learn a little bit more about each other. We have tons of great content prepared for you, but we won’t move into any of that until this first step is completed.

Please complete the form below and someone from my team will get in touch with you to schedule a time for you and I to connect. I’m looking forward to it!


On Your Plate This Week:

Schedule your introductory call with Chris.

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  • Ted Spinardi

    We are a church of 750 and been at that number for a while. Seem to be caught in the merry-go-round phase of growth. We are looking for some help breaking the 750 weekly attendance number. I can provide more detail if needed before the call. Thanks… TS

    • Mike King

      Looking forward to connecting!

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