One Mistake To Avoid In Preaching

How do you begin your sermons? Current trends show that we spend time to share announcements, welcome people and our multi-site campuses if we’re an online community. While there is nothing [...]


Questions To Kick Off Your New Year

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” – Zig Ziggler It would be great if we could accidentally see lives changed, grow in leadership, raise money, and develop [...]


Open Handed

Progress stops when we become married to ideas, programs and buildings – the best teams are filled with open-handed people. We have all worked with someone who was closed-fisted. Closed-fisted [...]


The Principle Of Seeds

Growing a church is hard. If it wasn’t, more people would undertake this bold, Godly challenge. There is a temptation in ministry is to find someone’s formula and copy it. The thought is, [...]


This Little Picture is KILLING Your Progress

The little picture is killing your progress and you may not even realize it. What’s the little picture? Whatever is in front of you now – the tasks that are demanding, screaming for your [...]


5 Pitfalls of Volunteer Appreciation – Does it Matter?

Finding volunteers is tough. Keeping them is even more difficult. Our busy staffs are so consumed with weekend preparations that we often fail to show appreciation to our volunteers – the ones [...]


Pastors, Stop Doing It All!!!

Are you overwhelmed with your schedule? Do you feel like you can’t keep up with all your tasks? Does your pursuit of good keep you from the pursuit of great? If you can answer “YES,” keep [...]


Eight Things I’d Do Differently

With more than 16 years in ministry, there are definitely some things that I’d like to go back and do differently. Here’s my TOP EIGHT: Add value to the entire church body. Sometimes our vision [...]


HELP! I’m a pastor and someone just left my church. [Part II]

This is part II of a 2 part series. To read part I click here. How would you want to be treated by a pastor if you were the who left the church? Whatever that is, do that. Don’t freak out every [...]


HELP! I’m a pastor and someone just left my church. [Part I]

No matter what you do as a pastor, people will leave your church. I have regular conversations with pastors who experience this type of loss. Every pastor has key people leave. It always stings. [...]