Implementing A Fresh Vision

Church would be easier if we could just get up and preach on whatever we felt led to do and didn’t have to worry about leading people, budgets, buildings, and staff. Have you ever had that [...]


How To Identify And Hire Staff

Hiring staff is difficult. If it’s easy for you then please know that’s a gift. I took the DiSC personality profile and it gives amazing insight into how I react to stress, as well as [...]


How To Increase Productivity Without Sacrificing Your Family Time

Burn out is a legitimate fear that happens to a lot of people both in and outside of the church world. As Americans our stress level is out of control. 77% of Americans feel they regularly feel [...]


The Number One Problem In Church Leadership And How To Fix It

“Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest.” – SETH GODIN Trust is foundational for any relationship. Without trust no church can make it. Humans are way more fragile [...]


4 Things Conflicts Make Us Do

Conflict happens. Even people who love Jesus have conflict. Imagine how different the New Testament would be if Paul and Barnabas didn’t have such a strong dispute? I personally would have [...]


How To Manage Your Time When You Have To Do It All

I’m not qualified to write about all topics in the church world. There are some things that are above my pay grade. But today’s topic is not one of those things. Quick Bio (If You [...]


Help! I’m A Pastor Who Wants To Transform A Traditional Church

A common question around ChurchBOOM is how to help transform a traditional church to a modern or contemporary church. There are lots of strategies, blog posts, and even conferences that can help [...]


70% Of Employees Hate Their Job (How To Become A Leader Worth Following)

Being a boss is difficult. Having a boss is even more difficult. The church world complicates this dynamic even more. A lot of lead pastors went to seminary and have the tools necessary to [...]


Under Pressure: The Pressure of Leading A Growing Church

Leading comes with pressure. Leading a church that is growing adds to that pressure exponentially. There is pressure in every job and most people won’t show us pastors sympathy for the [...]


Church Staff Do NOT Have To Be Unhealthy

Church staffing and the team dynamic are incredibly difficult. No matter what denomination or style of church you have, there will be difficulty with staff. No church is immune from difficulty on [...]