Church Staff Job Descriptions

Hiring the right person is hard, but sometimes organizing their job functions can be just as difficult. To help you with this process, we have put together some general job descriptions for each [...]


Rob Ketterling Q&A: Managing Your Calendar

A lot of leaders, mentors, and coaches are great at motivating you and equipping you with dozens of ideas, but how often do you hear someone talk about effectively managing your calendar? In our [...]


Herbert Cooper LIVE Q&A: Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

Earlier this week, we were privilieged to have Herbert Cooper join us LIVE for our Church BOOM Q&A.


Rich Guerra Members-Only Call: Handling Conflict

Last week, we had a members-only conference call with Rich Guerra, leader of the SoCal Network, where he oversees a network of more than 400 Churches. For about an hour, Rich shared his thoughts [...]


Guest Services Playbook

Our guest services playbook is a 20-page e-book filled resources and information to help you recruit, lead, organize, and strengthen your volunteer programs.


Ready-Made Bylaws Template

This templated Bylaws resource document provides you with instructions and already-written copy that you can simply adjust, remove, or leave it as exactly as is.


Church Staff Survival Guide E-Book

Part of the mission of Church BOOM is to provide Pastors and Church leaders with a variety of practical tools and resources that enable them to spend less time creating documents, editing video, [...]


Small Groups Resource Bundle

Inside this resource bundle, you're going to find everything you need to either start, or enhance, the small groups program in your Church.


90 Day Giving Challenge: Resource Bundle

Inside this resource bundle, you're going to find everything you need to create and complete your own 90 Day Giving Challenge in your Church.


E-Book: Handshake, by Chris Sonksen

When Chris Sonksen was 15, he met a man he greatly admired. His handshake changed Sonksen's life forever. That handshake, so many years ago, made Sonksen believe that greatness was possible for [...]