How To Motivate The Unmotivated Part 2

Last week we talked about the difficulties we face when communicate vision and change with our church. Click here to read it. Starting with the WHY and then in turn, tying it into our vision are the first steps to success.

One of the most practical books I’ve read on church leadership is When Your Church Feels Stuck by Chris Sonksen. One of my favorite sections of the book is how to shape culture. Chris shares that we shape culture through:

The Stories You Tell.

When someone catches the vision, record them on video talking about it, ask them to write a Facebook post about it, and work the story into a sermon. People get excited about life change. Whenever you see someone living out the vision share that story to inspire others.

The Heroes You Make.

Whenever you see someone do anything that fits with the vision, celebrate it. Say it, spray it, blog it, “Facebook it”, and highlight it publicly. Not all heroes wear capes. Many of them volunteer in kids rooms, invest in students and invite people to church with them.

The Things You Celebrate.

When I first started going to Crossfit I was thrown off whenever anyone would ring a loud bell. It felt so random. I asked about the bell and was told that whenever anyone has a PR they celebrate and ring the bell. One of my favorite moments when I accomplish a new personal bests is to ring the bell. It’s fun to celebrate life change.

So what gets celebrated in your church? Celebrate life change and it will help inspire life change.

We cannot guilt people into motivation. We can inspire them. From one pastor to another I know it’s not easy. People are not easy to lead. What you are doing is too important to quit. It matters too much. God has strategically placed you at your church for such a time as this. Go get em!

What are your thoughts? What did we miss? Let us know in to comments how we can further help you.

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