Pastors, Stop Doing It All!!!

  • Are you overwhelmed with your schedule?
  • Do you feel like you can’t keep up with all your tasks?
  • Does your pursuit of good keep you from the pursuit of great?

If you can answer “YES,” keep reading…

The vast majority of pastors in America oversee a church of 200 or less people yet it is incredibly difficult for the pastor to focus. Unfortunately, most churchgoers walk through the church doors with the perception that the pastor has to do it all – many pastors believe this as well. This is the number one reason why most churches will never see attendance break 200. It is impossible for one person to do it all.

How can you get things done when you don’t have a staff to delegate?

You have to change your perspective. Define what you are called to do and raise up others in the church to do the rest. There’s no thing as a Swiss Army Knife pastor. God intentionally left out some of the gifts of the Spirit from us so we would learn to rely on others.

What is it that God has strategically gifted you to accomplish? In other words, what can you do that no one else can?

The belief that the pastor has to do it all is a lie straight from the pit of hell. When people believe the pastor is the only one who can seek the Lord in prayer, visit the sick, perform marriage ceremonies and funerals, counsel others, plan and cast vision, it leads to an idolatry in the pastor’s ministry itself and a reluctance to be involved. This is false. According to Scripture, it’s our role to equip others for service.

It is a pastoral responsibility to equip God’s people to do His work and build up the church, the body of Christ.

When a pastor doesn’t know what He’s called to do he ends up hoarding all the gifts to himself. When a pastor knows what he’s called to he can elevate others to do what he cannot.

When a pastor knows what he's called to he can elevate others to do what he cannot. Click To Tweet

When we are open about our weaknesses, we’ll start to find the people God has statically placed around us to complete His mission. People often wait to be told what to do and believe it or not, there is an amazing chance that someone in our church loves to do the things we hate.

The first step is to discover what we are uniquely gifted to do. The second step is to delegate the rest. It’s not easy to delegate. But it is worth it and it is the sign of a great leader. It’s worth it because one person can’t do it all.

There are some people with time to help us do the work of the ministry. We need to find them. Ministry is to hard – it’s even harder to do it alone.

What Do You See? What Stops You From Delegating?

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  • Drew Smithson

    Very good! Very helpful! Thank you!

    • Rob Shepherd

      Thanks Drew!!!

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