Questions To Kick Off Your New Year

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” – Zig Ziggler

It would be great if we could accidentally see lives changed, grow in leadership, raise money, and develop staff. The truth is God works with systems. Intentional results come from purposeful actions.

Intentional results come from purposeful actions. Click To Tweet

It is not enough to hope to get somewhere. Hope is an amazing feeling, but a terrible strategy.

As we kick off 2018 here are some practical questions to help us get where God wants us to go. Spend some time answering these questions. Lead your teams to answer the ones that apply.

Questions for 2018

1. If money was no object what would we do first?

2. What is one program that is not helping to fulfill the vision or strategy? Does this program need to be tweaked or cancelled?

3. What is the biggest obstacle from 2017 that still isn’t solved? What if everyone on staff and in the church was focused on fixing this one thing?

4. At the end of 2018 what is one thing you want to ensure your church learns?

Chris Sonksen always says, “Sermons inspire, but systems change behaviors.” Once you answer the above questions develop a plan to intentionally make it happen. The system is simply the plan needed to see the results.

In 2016 the church I pastor baptized 4 people. That was down significantly from years past. For 2017 I set a goal to baptize 30 people. My team was on board and helped keep this vision in front of the church. One of the creative ideas we had was to post a sign in the lobby with a place to put pictures of those who get baptized. It’s a reminder to our church and staff about the goal.

We baptized 27 people in 2017. It all started with a question.

We love hearing from you. What are your goals for 2018? How can we help you get to where God is leading you?

We love hearing from you. What are your goals for 2018? How can we help you get to where God is leading you?

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