Unleash Your Creative Genius

You are a creative genius. If you shook your head no, laughed at that thought, or had any type of adverse reaction, then this post is for you.

See, you ARE a creative genius – it’s true! Sure, some people have an easier time with creativity, but the potential to be creative is in each of us. In order to unleash the creativity inside we must understand a few things.

4 Steps to Unleash Your Creativity

Step One: Define creativity

Creativity finds uncommon solutions to common problems. That’s it. We often think of creativity as artsy, but it doesn’t have to be. The reason we struggle with creativity is because we do not plan for it. It is easier to say, “I’m not creative” than it is to work on being creative. To unleash your creativity, you need time dedicated to thinking through common problems.

What if you planned one hour a week to do nothing, but think? Don’t check your email, phone, or social media during this time. Do not allow anyone to distract you. For one entire hour spend time thinking, taking notes and journaling your thoughts. You will be amazed at how creative you can become.

Step Two: Descale creativity.

A common issue to creativity is how big it becomes when it is unleashed. One way to encourage creativity is to descale it. To be creative doesn’t mean it has to be bigger. When creativity becomes too big, it becomes overwhelming for those who are detail-oriented. Most of the time, it’s the detail-oriented people that pull of the creative idea.

Creativity should be realistic, doable and worth the effort. Simple can be incredibly creative. There is nothing complex about Netflix. Netflix closed the doors on the video rental market. Netflix is a creative answer to a common problem. How can people watch movies without leaving their home? Answer — stream it.

So what are some common issues in our churches? Announcements are boring, we don’t have enough volunteers, people don’t join small groups, etc. The answer doesn’t have to be a massive campaign. A simple creative tweak could be the answer.

Step Three: Debunk the new myth.

King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Creativity doesn’t have to mean new. It is okay to borrow an idea and make it your own. That’s creativity. Instead of new, think different. Different can lead to creative.

If your band plays a song the same way 100 times it will lose it’s impact. Tweak the song and it becomes fresh. Find out who in your church plays an instrument that you do not feature regularly. You may be surprised at who can play the harmonica, spoons, keytar, banjo, or can beat box. A simple tweak to something familiar leads to a creative moment. A creative moment leads to engaged people. Engagement leads to involvement. When there is an area where people aren’t involved, it takes creativity to engage them. A little creativity goes a long way.

Step Four: Don’t do creativity alone.

One of the best ways to unleash creativity is to have others on board with you. You never know where a great idea will come from. Invite others to help solve problems. Whether it’s staff or volunteers, everyone has potential to become a creative genius. Sometimes people just need permission.

For more information on creating creative services click here.

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