2019 Preaching Calendar

One of the most difficult thing about writing a sermon is coming up with the series idea. Most pastors write the sermon from week to week so there is a little time for extra creativity. It can feel like you are drowning.

You don’t have to drown any more.

Below is a template for a 2019 Preaching Calendar. It will give you ideas and some resources to help you get ahead. You still get to listen to God and write the sermon. We simply help you get started. Each sermon series is a part of the ChurchBOOM membership and includes screen slides, note sheets, social media graphics, and a teaching grid (this gives potential Scriptures, big ideas, and illustrations).

January – Breathing Room: When our relationships, finances, and schedules are so full and so chaotic that there’s no room for margin for error, something is wrong. God doesn’t want us to live like that.

February – The Naked Truth: Culture hands us one set of blueprints and rules for how relationships and love are supposed to work and what they look like, yet many times they leave us broken and scarred.

March – The Big Ask: This series is designed to reinforce the “invest and invite” culture at every church and help people see their role and take their place in that culture.

April – Things I Wish Jesus Never Said – The truth is when we read the Bible and the things Jesus said and taught, there are many places where his message is difficult to process and swallow.

May – I Want To Be Rich: We approach life like a game of Monopoly – trying to get rich by getting. This series is designed to help people understand the opposite is true – we get rich by giving.

June – Help Thanks Wow: As we teach through this series, we want to help people connnect to God through the simple act of prayer, knowing that the power of prayer isn’t found in the abundance of words, but in the authenticity of our hearts. There are endless things in this life for us to pray for and about. In the end, the simplest, yet most profound prayers we pray fall into one of three categories: “Help” “thanks” “wow.”

July – You Asked For It: This is not a typical series. Over the last month we have been collecting questions from people in our church and community. Rather than preach messages in your normal style, this month will be more informal. Each wee is built around a series of questions that are related to same generic topic. Each week the final question is intended to lead to opportunities for you to lead people toward taking next steps. For example, at the end of week 1, part of the ending is helping people move to a place of better undertanding of the Scriptures.

August – My Church Is Kind of A Big Deal: This is a series to help you cast vision to your church as you gear up for the fall.

September – The Elephant In the Family Room: September is typically a time when people come back to church. One thing that everyone has in common is family. In this series, we want to help families address issues in their marriages and parenting, as well as challenge and equip them to grow.

October – Creature of Habit: What habits are you feeding? In this series explore the power of developing spiritual, emotional, physical and financial habits.

November – Cow Tipping: Cow Tipping is a series about tackling issues or conversations that may not ever really get addressed in church because they’re sacred cows.

December – B Roll: There are many different people who played many different roles in the story of Christmas. When we read the story of the birth of Jesus, it’s easy to focus in on what we define as main characte: Mary, the angels, the shepherds etc. In this series we will pick out a few of the lesser talked about characters in the Christmas story.

This is simply a sample to get you started. You can move any of the ideas around or come up with your own. If you would like graphics, sermon outlines, and other resources to go alone with these or other sermon series sign up for ChurchBOOM and get exclusive sermon branding content.

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