3 Keys to Personal Growth

Last week I was reading a leadership book that had a great quote! The quote was great, but it stood out to me even more because who said it. The quote is, “People will never drift into better directions.” – Bill Hybels.


Bill Hybels has done a lot of amazing things for God’s kingdom, but like so many pastors he found himself surrounded by scandal. This is no way meant as a judgment. We are all flawed and imperfect. Like the Apostle Paul, I don’t want to preach to others and then find myself disqualified for the prize because of my own poor decisions or lack of discipline.


As Christians leaders, we can not afford to take a season off, drift, or let our guard down. The work is too important. At the same time, we cannot control the growth of others. We can only work on our own growth and hope to inspire others by our actions. We all have areas that we need to grow, the question is how?


3 Keys To Personal Growth


  1. Identify the gap between where you are and where you would like to be. This is harder than it sounds. The easiest person to lie to is ourselves. We all also have massive blind spots that prevent us from seeing who we really are. Here are some questions to answer to help reveal where there is a gap in your leadership. A. What is one area of your private life that if it became public you would lose credibility as a leader?
    When you enter a room what do those under your leadership think?
    What is one area that if I fixed it today would instantly make my leadership better?

Answer these questions and wrestle with the truth you find. Do not move on to number 2 until you’ve discovered what the gap or gaps are.


  1. What small step can you take to improve this gap? You must be specific and set a time table on it. Often our fear causes us to avoid difficult life change. To make it more manageable look to take a small step in the right direction. For me, one gap was my lack of reading leadership books. Leaders are readers and I hate reading. To fix this I strategically set up book clubs to hold me accountable. I know I will read if there is a deadline and someone counting on me. It started as one, but currently, I am a part of three different book clubs. I’m reading more and learning more than ever before. It all started with one step in the right direction. The same can be true for you. Over time, one consistent step in the right direction makes a HUGE difference! Over time, one consistent step in the right direction makes a HUGE difference! Click To Tweet Maybe your step to fill your gap is to schedule a coaching call with ChurchBOOM.  It also might be to find a safe Christian counselor to deal with a sin issue, or it might be to find a personal trainer. I don’t know your step, but I do know that the gap between where you are and where you want to involve an excuse you are going to have to walk through.


  1. Who can help keep you accountable to what you have decided to do? Professionals learn by coaching. We all need someone to speak truth into our bad decisions. Often as church leaders, we are isolated and feel like we have to overcome our gaps by ourselves. That’s not only untrue, it’s unbiblical. God wired you and me to need other people. We need safe people to help keep us accountable to the goals we have set. Who can you include in the steps you want to make to help you stay on track? For me it was the book club. Having people scheduled to show up was the accountability I needed to read. I also found this at my gym. I am way more likely to bail on exercising if I try to do it alone. When I schedule working out with someone I know I will show up. Now, if you are flaky then you need a different type of accountability. The point is to have someone to help you when your own self-discipline fails you.



When we implement these three steps we will grow. It may take time, but consistent steps in the right direction make a massive difference over time.

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