3 Things Pastors Need To Stop Doing!

I deal with a lot of pastors and the following are generalizations that fit with a lot of pastors. We all have our weaknesses and strengths, but the following are three things that all pastors can improve on.

  1. Stop competing with other churches. It stinks when our people jump ship and run to another church. It stinks that so many people hop from church to church like consumers buying pizza. I believe what will help with this is when we show people we are on the same team. At the church I serve we give every first time guest a mug with our church’s name on it. Inside the mug is a card that says, “If we are not your cup of tea try these churches.” We list a few churches that are truly great churches in our area. We’ve had multiple people say they wanted to be a part of our church because there was a lack of competition. It takes all of us to reach people. One church is not enough. The pressure to change the world is not only on you. Share the weight be working with churches instead of against them.
  2. Stop being horrible at email,text, or other communication. One of the issues with almost every church I know is how the people in the church are difficult to communicate with. They don’t reply to emails, they miss deadlines, and they often wait until the last minute to sign up for church events. I hear pastors complain about this often. At the same time the vast majority of pastors I know are horrible with email/text correspondence. HORRIBLE! If you are going to complain about your people please look in the mirror first. As leaders we must set the example for others. We all miss communication from time to time, but that should be the exception and not the rule. I have a rule that I try to reply to all email within 24 hours. If I can’t I forward the email on to someone who can. If we are not going to get better at it ourselves then we need to at least stop complaining about our people.
  3. Stop being lazy with sermons. I get it! It’s difficult to create original content all of the time. Everyone is influenced by someone. It’s okay to be influenced, but one pastor’s inspiration rarely transfers to another pastor. You can preach the content, but very rarely do you hear of a stolen sermon idea setting a church on fire. What is God teaching you? Preaching someone else’s inspiration regularly is lazy. The message has way more passion in it when it comes from what God is teaching you. Share what God is teaching you and watch what God does through you. You’ll see others say, “Me too!” If you don’t have a fresh word from God then get on your knees and seek Him until you do. Again, we are all influenced by others, but I’ve heard entire sermons from Steven Furtick, Matt Chandler, Andy Stanley, and Rick Warren preached by other pastors. God didn’t place them over your people. He entrusted you, and a part of that trust is to share with them what God is teaching you.

What did I miss? I love hearing from you. What else do pastors need to stop doing?

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