3 Ways To Have Fun In Ministry

This past week my wife and I took our twin 8 year olds to an amusement park. They are at an interesting age. They are a little old for the Sesame Street kid section, but they are a little afraid of the big roller coasters. They both have a desire to ride them, but when they look at the rides they experience great fear. My family has a motto, “Don’t let fear win.” We say it often. If something is new it can be scary. Just because it’s scary doesn’t mean it should be avoided. There are some things that we should avoid, but there are other good things that fear prevents us from experiencing. My son showed some courage and made the decision to ride one of the fastest roller coasters in the park. My daughter was not tall enough. He was nervous, but wasn’t going to let fear win. He did great until we got on the ride. The moment it was too late to get off fear started overwhelming him. He declared, “Why are we going so high?!!” Followed by, “Why is this going so slow?!!” I could tell he was starting to spiral. I tried to comfort him, I held onto him tightly, and I even tried to distract him. Nothing worked. Then I said, “Remember to have fun. This is supposed to be fun.” He declared, “I’m not having fun!”


At this point we were at the top and about to descend 75 miles per hour down the coaster. He gripped my arm so tight he was cutting off circulation. Then it happened. Once we got down the first dip he I started laughing. I declared again, “Remember to have fun!” He immediately started laughing and loved the remainder of the ride. So much so that as soon as we got off he asked if he could do it again. We’ve since ridden the ride three more times. What’s my point? I’m glad you asked.


Ministry is often a roller coaster. We have big highs and big lows. There are difficult seasons and amazing victories. The job of ministry is incredibly serious, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Sometimes we need a friendly reminder to enjoy the ride we are on. Here are three ways to have fun in ministry.


Three Ways To Have Fun In Ministry

  1. Share victory stories often. It is so easy to focus on what needs to change, on who is complaining, or on what needs to get done that we forget to celebrate. Establish a regular time to celebrate. Share stories of life change. Share positive moments where people get it. The voice of negativity is louder than the voice of positivity. That means we must intentionally celebrate twice as much.
  2. Make your own fun! Not every aspect of the job is fun; however having fun is a choice. Have you ever watched how a kid turns a mundane task into fun? Simply walking down the hallway becomes an opportunity to jump, skip, sing, or twirl. There is nothing fun about walking down a hallway, but a lot of kids make it fun. It takes a little bit of creativity, but there are some mundane tasks that could become fun. For motivation and inspiration YouTube Pike’s Fish Market in Seattle. They have made “Having fun” a core value. There is nothing fun about their job, but they make it fun.
  3. Delegate one thing you hate doing to someone who loves it. Pastors are often control freaks. It’s difficult for us to let go of things. The truth is you and I are not great at everything. There is someone in your church that loves doing what you hate. It may take a little work on your end to recruit them, but it’s so worth it. You will have more fun when you spend most of your time in your sweat spot. Believe it or not there is someone who loves doing the admin that you may despise. There is someone who may like doing follow up with first time guests. There is someone who likes busy work. Whatever it is that you dread doing find someone else to do it and release them to do it well. You’ll have more fun and so will they.


What did we miss? What are other ways we can have fun in ministry?

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