87% Of What You Learn In Seminary You Never Use…Now What?

According to a recent stat 87% of what you learn in seminary, you will never use. Um…that’s baffling. I personally loved seminary. It taught me a lot about God and theology. Practically speaking it did not prepare me for ministry. I learned this the hard way by stumbling my way through my first funeral.

Seminary is important, but if that stat is true then we have to do something else. I mean, if 87% of my house didn’t work I’d move. If 87% of my car didn’t work I’d be stuck. If 87% of my body didn’t work I’d be in a bed unable to move.

If you are like me then all you wanted to do out of seminary is preach. But what happens when no one comes to hear the sermon? Or even worse what if those who come to hear the sermon but don’t put it into practice?

This is where systems come into place. Everybody has a system. A system is simply the process you use to get things done. And here is the hard truth, our systems are perfectly designed to get the results we see.

If our people are not inviting the unchurched to church it’s because we haven’t led them to…yet.

If our people are generous with their money then it’s because we haven’t led them to…yet.

If we don’t have volunteers it’s because we haven’t led them to…yet.

I love the quote by Chris Sonksen,

“Sermons inspire, but systems change behaviors.” Click To Tweet

Have you ever heard an inspiring message and declared you were going to change only to get home and do the same thing you’ve always done? Whether it’s a diet, a budget, or church systems are needed.

You don’t have to create every system out there. Financial Peace is a great system for getting out of debt. It’s a system. Consistently use Financial Peace and you will see results.

At ChurchBOOM we use systems. We’ve created systems for volunteer training, staffing, and sermons. You don’t need to create everything. We are here to help. What you are responsible for is leading your church, staff, and volunteers, to consistently work the systems you need to help with results.

Pick a system. That is… PICK A PLAN and stick to it. Then evaluate how it is working.

If you have a system that is not working you must re-visit it and either tweak it or discard it. Life is too short to pour time into things that do not take us where God wants us to go.

Questions to ask:

1. What is one thing that is not working currently?

2. Should we tweak it or abandon it?

3. What is one thing that needs to be better?

4. What is the system (or plan) to help us get there?

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