Because I Said I Would

Because-I-Said-I-Would-2Our sermon series branding packages are designed to enable you to spend less time in Photoshop and editing video, and more time focusing on what you do best: Being a Pastor. Inside each of these branding packages you will find teaching grids for your sermon series, bumper videos, layered files (PSD’s), note sheets, and just about everything you need to kickoff and execute the series in your Church.

1. Sermon Series Summary:

Around the new year, each and every one of us spend a lot of time doing one thing more than anything else: Making promises. We make promises to ourselves, and to other people in our lives, but how often are those promises kept? In this series, we are going to investigate what our world might look like if we became a community of people that kept our word.

2. What’s Included?

Inside of this sermon series branding package, you will find:

  • Bumper Video. Ready, made-for-you video to prelude your message, or act as service transitions.
  • Screen Slides. Projector and big-screen slides to help you tell your story and share your message.
  • Note Sheets. Branded, made-for-you templates for your Church handouts, bulletins, and note sheets.
  • Response Cards. Read-for-print response cards you can use to invite people to respond to your challenge.
  • Social Graphics. Sized and ready-to-post graphics created specifically for your social media.
  • Layered Files. Want to make adjustments? No problem. The layered files and PSD’s are included.
  • Project Fonts. We’ve included ALL the fonts we used in the project so you can easily make copy changes.
  • Teaching Grid. You’re getting a detailed series outline and preaching notes to help you prepare your message series.

3. How Does It Look?

Check out a few visual examples below to get an idea of the look and feel of this sermon series branding package.


4. Download Your Branding Package

Please use the link below to download this sermon series branding package (ZIP). When downloading, please make sure you are on a desktop or laptop computer with a reliable internet connection as these branding packages are fairly large.

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