How To Make Your Dream Church A Reality – Part 2

The dream you have for your church will not determine your success. Your team will.
One of the biggest mistakes I made in ministry was placing willing people in the wrong seats on the bus. Ministry is difficult and the workers are few. It is easy to place someone in a volunteer position, but it is extremely difficult to remove them.

Firing a staff member is excruciating. Firing a volunteer can be disastrous.

That is why it is so important to have the right people on your team. How do you tell if someone is the right person? This is crucial. Do they match the values you have for that position? If they do then they are the right fit. If they don’t then they are not the right fit.

Often we hire or fire people based off how we get along with them. Personality, and unity is incredibly important, but in order to be successful everyone cannot look just like the leader. When you have different personality types…you will have conflict. If the people involved do not value the same thing the conflict will become detrimental to the church’s growth.

As a leader a key thing you can do is establish the values you want for each position. DOCUMENT THEM. Then match a person to that value. When you have unspoken values it becomes frustrating for you and the person in the role. They are doing the best they can, but are basically playing your game without the rules. IN ORDER TO BE KIND, You need to be clear.

This isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. Think through every leadership position, both volunteer and staff. What is the biggest thing you value from this position? If it’s for an admin position; do you value that they are friendly, detail oriented or both? What is the greatest thing you value from your worship leader? Is it great singing or organizing a team? You may not be able to find both. Find what you value the most and then match a person to that position.

If you find you have someone in a position that doesn’t fit the position..then you have someone on the wrong seat of the bus. The great news is after you have defined what you value for each position you most likely will have another seat on the bus for them. If the person is a great fit for your church, but just not seeing success…then it could be they are the right person in the wrong seat.

It is unfair to get mad at volunteers and staff for breaking your unspoken, unwritten expectations. In order to be kind — you need to be clear! Click To Tweet

It’s hard to unearth what we value, but it’s so valuable both to you and the church you lead. It doesn’t matter if your church is 50 people or 1,000. We are in the people business. We will not see the dream become a reality without people. GOD’s dream and plan involve HIS people. DO the hard work of defining what you value from each position. This will set people up for success.

For help with writing job descriptions check out the ChurchBOOM ready made resources that come with a membership to ChurchBOOM.

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