Hey Pastor! Here’s the ONE THING Mark Batterson Would do Different.

We all make mistakes – BIG and small. Heck, some are even permanent like a good ol’ tribal tattoo (no judgement here). If you’re a leader, there is ONE mistake you HAVE TO STOP MAKING.


Wait, what? I’m really confused and it’s not because I remembered that Dwyane Johnson can totally ROCK a tribal tattoo! It’s really quite simple. Leadership expert, pastor and best-selling author Mark Batterson recently shared with us that the ONE THING he’d do different is to screw up – more. Okay, so those are our words but basically what he says is:

“The only way you can learn is by making mistakes. Success is well-managed failure.”

But that’s not all he said… listen in now to get the full talk. It’s not a waste of time and we promise, it won’t be a mistake. You might even learn something.

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Church BOOM isn’t an online training program that takes your money in exchange for a little functional information and a bunch of resources that you can find for free. We are a coaching platform designed to equip and empower you to grow your church. The primary way we accomplish that is through specific, topical video training modules designed to help and empower you on your journey towards lasting and sustainable church growth.


The Church BOOM leadership team has been formed with some of the leading Pastors across the globe.

These leaders have experienced continued success, and are committed to sharing content and interacting with the Church BOOM community.

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    Doug Garasic
  • Herbert Cooper
    Herbert Cooper
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    Mark Cole
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    Rob Ketterling
  • Mark Batterson
    Mark Batterson
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    Sam Chand
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    Chris Sonksen



Designed For: Pastors struggling to break 200.

84% of churches across America attract less than 200 people weekly. Through our proven process and video training, Breaking 200 will ask you the necessary and challenging questions to find the formula for your ministry growth – but you have to be willing to do the work.

9 Months.

Breaking 200 is designed to be completed over 9 months.

18 Videos.

Every month, we’ll ask you to watch two (2) videos, each 8-10 minutes in length.


All the downloads and resources you need to take action are inlcuded.


Designed For: Pastors who face growth challenges.

For many pastors, church growth feels impossible. They start more programs, or do more outreaches, or send more invite cards. In the end, thousands of pastors in American struggle to keep the doors open and impact their local communities. In this 12-module training program, we’ll help you kickstart your growth and develop the strategy and systems needed to realize your growth potential.

12 Months.

Our flagship training series is designed to be completed over 12 months.

12 Videos.

Eeach month, we’ll ask you to watch one (1) 20-minute training video. 

Watch Guide.

Each video track includes a downloadable watch guide.


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  • After implementing the new ideas and systems we learned from Church Boom we saw a 15% increase in our average attendance and an 18% increase in our giving. Everybody should have a coach and there is none better then Church Boom.

    Jason Hanash
    Jason Hanash Discovery Church – Bakersfield, CA
  • I’ve been to a lot of conferences and have taken my staff to a lot of conferences, but what we learned from Church Boom has been better than any conference we have ever attended. It is practical, insightful and the bottom line is, it works.

    Rob Shepherd
    Rob Shepherd Next Level Church – Yorktown, VA
  • I have partnered with Church BOOM for years and believe in what they do!

    Mark Batterson
    Mark Batterson NYT Bestselling Author, Pastor - National Community Church
  • I can't say enough about what Church BOOM is doing to train Pastors. Do your Church a favor and sign up!

    Justin Lathrop
    Justin Lathrop CEO at The Lathrop Group
  • Chris Sonksen has a strong team of experienced leaders. I highly recommend Church Boom!

    Sam Chand
    Sam Chand Leader/Speaker/Coach/Author
  • "Church Boom brought a perspective that we were unable to discover on our own. Obstacles were targeted and solutions were given that we believe is moving our church in the right direction."

    Corey Baker
    Corey Baker First Assembly West – Cape Coral, FL
  • "Some of the BEST IDEAS for setting our team up for a win have come from Church Boom. These guys get the nature of processes in a fast growing church and teach it in a way that is easy to understand and implement."

    Wendell Vinson
    Wendell Vinson Canyon Hills – Bakersfield CA
  • "Our experience with Church Boom has been both compelling and practical. It completely challenged the sacred cows and ruts that we all fall into. I highly recommend it!"

    Rusty Raley
    Rusty Raley Crosspoint Church – Paola, KS



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