My small church is loved more than your BIG church.

If you are a pastor of a church with less than 400 people then you have an advantage over every mega-church. You may not have ever thought about it, but you do. Here is the advantage, people love small churches.

When I first planted the church we had a bunch of people from other churches check us out. Whenever someone from one of the mega-churches would visit I would hear the same thing after the service. A well-meaning person would say to me, “I just love how small your church is.” Umm…I don’t hear that as a compliment. I started a church to reach people for Jesus. These well-meaning people didn’t compliment the preaching, the worship, our great kids’ environments, or anything else we worked really hard on. The one that that stood out to them was this. We were small. This is an important discovery.

People love small churches, pastors love big churches.

The question is why? Why do people love smaller churches? I’m convinced it’s because of two reasons.

2 Reasons People Love Small Churches

  1. Everybody wants to be known.
  2. Everybody wants to be needed.

The common thought is that people love to be anonymous when it comes to church. That may be true, but what I feel is more accurate is that people don’t want to be embarrassed. People don’t want to feel awkward. The truth is that a large crowd can make many people feel even more awkward.

People are somewhat used to joining things. Whether it’s a support group, a club, an extracurricular activity, or a gym people are used to joining something. When something is too big it creates a fear of not knowing where to start.

As a smaller church, you have an advantage in that the size is not overwhelming to most people. But this can become a major barrier to growth. A lot of times smaller churches don’t think through what it’s like to be new. They become so used to running things as if everyone knows what to do that the message communicated to a first-time visitor is, “You are an outsider.”

To take advantage of being a small church there is one simple thing you can do. No matter what size your church you can do this. Communicate how to get connected every week. That’s it.

Now, if you don’t have a system to get connected then it is going to take a little work. But you are not alone. We know this stuff is hard. Leading a church is hard. At ChurchBOOM we make it easier. If you would like help thinking through systems or next steps become a ChurchBOOM Member and set up your coaching call — we’d would love to help you think through a system to help get people connected. CLICK HERE for more info.

Think about it this way. After you visit a church, what’s next? In a small church, most people know what’s next. If you start thinking about first-time guests and pointing them towards what their next step is you have the potential to not stay small very long.

People want to be known. So…answer that question. How does someone become known at your church? Is it by going to a membership class, next step group, joining a small group, volunteering or other? Let people know, every week, how to become known and many will step up to do just that.
People also want to feel needed. In a large church, it’s easy to assume they have enough help. In a small church, there are lots of needs. Once someone is known they often want to give back. The problem is we don’t connect the dots for them.

Help people discover where they are needed and they will come alive. They will discover their purpose and volunteer with excitement.

People want to be known and people want to feel needed. As a church leader, it’s your job to help them know what the steps are to do this.

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