Overcoming the attendance rollercoaster: 5 BIG DAY ideas!

Do you know the Sundays in which you will have low attendance? It’s an interesting thing to track. For a lot of churches when a pastor knows the attendance is going to be low he goes on vacation or they let the youth pastor preach. That’s fine, but there is a way to counter attendance dips.

What if you strategically planned key sermon series on weeks where you knew attendance was going to be lower? We call these BIG DAYS.

In July of 2017, our attendance dropped by almost 100 people. July is a busy summer month. This July we moved a beloved series, At The Movies, from June. Our average attendance was higher in July than any other month of the year.

As a church, you already have a few built-in Big Days at Christmas and Easter. If you strategically place a few more throughout the year you can not only even out some of your lower attended Sundays, but you can see your overall attendance grow.

Here are 5 Big Day Ideas

1. At the Movies. Lots of churches are capitalizing on this series. People love movies. Serve some popcorn, show a movie clip or two that illustrates a Scriptural point, and promote it to your church. It is a fun series for your people. There are some great resources for this series at Lifechurch.tv and Church of the Highlands open resource Grow.
2. Thank You For Your Service Sunday. On a low attended Sunday invite some military leaders, fire and rescue workers, police officers etc. Honor them by praying over them and encouraging them during the service. It’s a great way to show some honor and those that are being honored typically invite their friends and family.
3. Family Month. Do you want to know what every human has in common? Family. People are desperate to learn about how to have healthy families. Consider spending a month teaching on Family. I suspect it will become a big draw. As a part of the series offer free photos for families, a special event for kids, and a church-wide family celebration to end the series.
4. Special Events for Kids. Kids tend to get excited more easily about things than adults. For a relatively low cost, you can throw a great special event for kids. In fact, some ideas are free. Invite a fire truck to come on Sunday during services. This is free. Many areas have businesses that will bring animals to pet or look at. Give away free snow cones in the summer. It doesn’t take much, but here IS the key…invite kids a month out. A month out; send home a flyer. Put a sticker on every kid or some other trinket that helps kids remember the date. Two weeks before the event mail a letter to every kid in your ministry. Kids love getting mail. The idea is to have the kids remind the parents about church. Most parents aren’t going to say “No” when their child asks them to go to church.
5. Guest speaker. If you are near a local college; do some research to see what players/coaches are Christians. If they are reputable and communicate well; create an opportunity for them to come to speak. If it’s a college with a decent fan base you’ve created some excitement. Have them speak on a week that is typically lower in attendance. Thanksgiving is a great week to have a key guest speaker. Find a local celebrity and ask them to speak on being thankful.

With a little bit of brainstorming, you can come up with a Big Day idea that is right for your church. The key is to plan it during a non-peak time.

We love hearing from you. What other ideas do you have for Big Days?

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