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Have you ever had a thought that you wanted to share with your church, but you were a little nervous? For example when a parent says, “If my kids seemed a little bored with VBS it’s because they saw the same program last week at another church.” What we want to say is, “ARE YOU JOKING ME?! PARENT YOUR KIDS AND STOP USING EVERY CHURCH TO DO IT FOR THE SUMMER!” But we obviously can’t say that.

Or when someone says, “Sorry I was falling asleep during your sermon today. I stayed up late watching Netflix.” What you want to say is, “STOP PRIORITIZING EVERYTHING OVER JESUS! DON’T ACT LIKE A PAGON OR YOU ARE GOING TO FRY LIKE BACON!” But you can’t say that.

Or when someone says, “The preaching is just not deep enough for me so we are changing churches.” You want to say, “THAT’S THE THIRD CHURCH IN TWO YEARS! MAYBE IT’S NOT THE CHURCH THAT IS THE PROBLEM. MAYBE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE A 45 YEAR OLD WHO REFUSES TO FEED YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY IS THE PROBLEM!” But you can’t say that.

There are lots of things I’ve wanted to say to people, but in the end it wasn’t the wisest thing for me to do as the pastor.

If you’ve ever wanted someone to say the things you are thinking then I have a book for you. If you want someone to say the same things you are already saying, but in a fresh way, I have a book for you. If you want to help your people get plugged into church, stop consuming, and become what Jesus has called them to be then I have a book for you.

Quit Church is Chris Sonksen’s newest book and it’s amazing. For those of you who don’t know me I am contracted out to write for ChurchBOOM, but I wasn’t asked to write this post. I bought a copy of the book right when it came out and it’s amazing.

Not only that, but in November I’m doing a sermon series on the book with the church I lead.

Not only is Quit Church a great book there are a ton of resources available at quitchurch.com. There are sermon bumpers, sermon outlines, small group material and more.

As a fellow pastor I wanted to make sure you knew about this amazing resource.

The book is not about quitting church, but it’s about quitting the unhealthy practices that hold back all that God has for the local church. Chris challenges readers to quit their casual commitment towards church, serving, generosity, and outreach. It’s a powerful book that will unlock some insight into the members of your church.

Reading the book I kept thinking, “This is what I’ve been thinking for years!” I’m so glad Chris wrote this book and I can’t wait for you to check it out. As a bonus, check out a recent interview Chris did about Quit Church for Fox News.

Morning Segment with Fox and Friends

❗️You need to Quit Church NOW ❗️Thank you Abby Huntsman and Fox & Friends for letting me join you this morning to talk about my new book — Quit Church! Learn more about the book and how you can get it here 👉quitchurch.com

Posted by Pastor Chris Sonksen on Sunday, June 24, 2018

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