The Stick For Three Challenge

Do you want a first time guests to come back? It’s safe to assume we all do. If you want a first time guests to come back, you cannot assume they automatically know they should. At the church I pastor, we have created a system to help first time guests know they should come back — and it has worked amazingly!

We call it the “Stick For Three.” Every week we assume it’s someone’s first time to our church. We address first time guests every week. We let them know what their next step is. Here’s how we explain it:

If this is your first time here we, are so honored you came! Deciding if a church is your church is a big decision and it’s not one that you can make after one visit. That’s why we’d like to invite you to take the Stick For Three Challenge. We want you to commit to coming back to church for three weeks.

After three week’s if our church is not the church for you, we will help you find a church that you can plug into. If this does become your church after three week’s, we will help you get plugged in right here. Fill out the connection card and mark the box that says you are taking the Stick For Three Challenge. Turn that in and we will give you a free gift today.

The Stick For Three Challenge has been amazing at helping first time guests know what their next step is — whether they are Christians or new to church. What we’ve found out is, that after three weeks, a lot of people are hooked and make our church their church. Throughout the process they start building in the discipline of coming to church every week.

It’s a simple challenge that can work wonders on getting first time guests back.

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