Three Ways to Grow in the Right Direction

You are growing whether you want to or not. It’s the way the universe works. Living things grow. Growing things change. Healthy things change in the right direction. If you do nothing, you’ll still grow because you are not dead. The issue is if you do nothing you will grow in the wrong direction.


Comfort is the main reason we don’t grow in the right direction. In order to grow in the right direction, we have to change. It’s easy to do nothing, and nothing gets results. Do nothing for long enough and you’ll become an expert. We will never become perfect, but that’s not the goal. The goal is to become healthy. Healthy things grow in the right direction.


You want to grow. How do I know? You are here. Even if you are skimming this post it’s a sign that some part of you wants to grow and change. The question is how can you intentionally help yourself grow? That’s a great question. Thanks for asking it. Here are three ways to ensure growth in the right direction.




  1. If you want to grow seek coaching. What separates professionals from amateurs? Coaching. In 2018 our attendance plateaued. We did not see the same amount of growth that we had in years past. It was a great year. We saw lives changed. We had new people come to the church. And yet at the end of the year our average was about the same as the year before. It’s one of the main reasons we decided to launch a building campaign. We have outgrown our building and thus it’s difficult to reach more people. During one coaching session with my ChurchBOOM coach I was challenged to not let the capacity problem become an excuse. Sure there is a capacity problem, but we aren’t going to be able to build a new building for three years. That is a long time to wait for growth. That insight was incredibly helpful for me. From that moment I gathered my staff to help figure out the issue. How can we continue growing in our current space. In 2018 we could not consistently break the 400 barrier. In 2019 we are averaging over 400 with the highest attendance being 474. This past Sunday was the first Sunday in March and so far the trend continues. We had 426 people. I’m not saying this to compare numbers with others. I’m sharing this because coaching got me further than I would have gone alone. If you want to grow invite a coach into your life. If you are interested in finding a ministry coach check out ChurchBOOM Plus here (Link to ChurchBOOM plus). No matter who you use the important thing is to find coaching. You don’t know what you don’t know. Coaching helps us by having someone see what we can’t see and lead us in the right direction.
  2. If you want to grow expose dark areas to the light. Unhealthy things tend to grow in the darkness. It is difficult admitting that we have some dark areas of our life. It takes humility and great courage to admit areas where you are weak and or struggle. The truth is our sins have a way to find us out. We will pay now or pay later, but if we pay later we will pay more. It’s not easy to change, but the cost is less when we change now versus when we are forced to change. If you want to grow expose an area of darkness to the light. There is no better way of doing that then confessing to other Christians. As pastors we have to be careful who we talk to, but we need to talk to someone. Whether it’s a Christian counselor, specialist, or another trusted pastor we need someone we can confess to. James 5:16 says, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” We confess our sins to God to find forgiveness, but we confess our sins to other Christians to find healing. God doesn’t heal what we conceal. If you don’t have a safe person to confess to feel free to email me at I don’t judge and I don’t want anything from you. I simply want to help.
  3. If you want to grow; help someone else grow. One of the reasons we do not grow more is because we keep all of the information to our selves. If you are not dead you are growing. Living things grow. Growing things change. Healthy things change in the right direction. If you want to grow faster reproduce yourself. Raise up another leader, teach someone to do what you do, find someone to coach. You don’t have to know it all, but you will be forced to know what you know when you coach someone else. Get a small group together to do a book study, find a high school student who has the gift of teaching and teach them how to prepare a sermon, or take a younger staff member and teach them how to do something you do. Every Timothy needs a Paul and every Timothy had to start somewhere. If you have a coach then find someone else to coach. It’s a great way to learn and grow.


If you are not dead then God’s not done with you. If you are not dead then you are growing. The question is are you growing in a healthy direction?

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