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Each and every one of Church BOOM’s video tracks are taught by successful Pastors and leaders who are committed to helping Pastors get unstuck and grow their Church.

  • Twelve (12) Core Video Training Modules
  • Additional Standalone Training Tracks
  • Exclusive Interviews with Pastors and Leaders


Watch Track #1: The First Step To Start Growing Your Church

Download the track notes and follow along.

Track #1: The First Step To Start Growing Your Church

Do you want your church to grow? Then getting everyone moving in the same direction and with the same mission is absolutely crucial. It’s the one area we underestimate the most but by far will have the greatest impact. The process laid out in this session will set the stage for your church to experience continual and sustainable growth.

Track #4: The Greatest Enemy To Your Churches Growth

Nothing will fight against your growth more than a team moving in different directions. A sign of this is when your team is focused more on their individual department then they are on the mission. It doesn’t work in sports and it wont work in your church.

Track #7: If You Want Your Church To Grow, You Have To Grow

Here are the facts: Your church will never outgrow you. In our desire to see God move we forget that He wants us to move, to grow, to develop, to become the leader that will move our church forward. We will take you through a step-by-step process to develop your personal leadership which will help position your church for exponential growth. Like we’ve always heard: “Speed of the leader, speed of the team.”

Track #10: Making An Impression From The Curb To The Chair

We have some great ideas lined out for you on how to create an environment that people love to experience week after week. They say people’s opinion of your church is formed before the first song is played, and we want to set you up so that when people arrive, they love what they experience and want to come back for more.

Track #2: Developing A Strategy That Keeps Your Church Growing

One of the greatest growth engines for your church is having a strategy that works. It’s the ability to attract a crowd and move them to the core. A Church without a strategy is like a car without an engine… it may look good, but it’s not going anywhere.

Track #5: The Reason Why Your Guests Aren't Returning

91% of the people who visit your church this year will not return. Let us tell you why, and more importantly, what you can do about it.

Track #8: Simple Ways To Start Experiencing Growth Immediately

If your church needs a jump start of growth, then this session is designed for you. Practical, simple and doable for any church size, these methods have proven to work and if applied will work for you.

Track #11: If The Kids Don't Like It, The Parents Won't Come Back

You’re going to want to watch this one with your children’s director. We want to give you some concepts that could literally transform your children’s department. If you can get this down, you can begin to experience a whole new avenue of church growth.

Track #3: How To Get Your People To Start Inviting Others

We hear it all the time: “My people don’t invite their friends and family!” We will give you a proven method that will change the culture of your Church and turn your people into an army of inviters. It really works!

Track #6: Creating Services People Love To Attend

We always ask this brutal question: “If you weren’t the Pastor, would you attend your Church?” Often this question comes back with a resounding: “No.” We will give you creative ideas and solutions that will revolutionize your services and turn them into a place people love to attend.

Track #9: How To Use Social Media To Make Your Church More Known

It’s free and it works. Discover a very practical process for utilizing social media to increase your churches recognition in the community and increase visitor flow. We will get you and your entire church on track and working together with this amazing tool.

Track #12: Practical Ways To Develop More Impactful Sermons

Some practical ideas are given in this session to help you create sermon series that attract and impact both the church and unchurched audience. These simple tools that have been proven to enhance your sermons while saving you on time and energy.

Practical and Proven.

Our training tracks are taught by some of today’s top Pastors and leaders.

Easy To Digest.

Each training track is focused and specific, spanning no more than 25 minutes.

Download-Ready Notes.

Follow along and take notes with our download-ready listening guides.

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  • After implementing the new ideas and systems we learned from Church Boom we saw a 15% increase in our average attendance and an 18% increase in our giving. Everybody should have a coach and there is none better then Church Boom.

    Jason Hanash
    Jason Hanash Discovery Church – Bakersfield, CA
  • I’ve been to a lot of conferences and have taken my staff to a lot of conferences, but what we learned from Church Boom has been better than any conference we have ever attended. It is practical, insightful and the bottom line is, it works.

    Rob Shepherd
    Rob Shepherd Next Level Church – Yorktown, VA
  • I have partnered with Church BOOM for years and believe in what they do!

    Mark Batterson
    Mark Batterson NYT Bestselling Author, Pastor - National Community Church
  • I can't say enough about what Church BOOM is doing to train Pastors. Do your Church a favor and sign up!

    Justin Lathrop
    Justin Lathrop CEO at The Lathrop Group
  • Chris Sonksen has a strong team of experienced leaders. I highly recommend Church Boom!

    Sam Chand
    Sam Chand Leader/Speaker/Coach/Author
  • "Church Boom brought a perspective that we were unable to discover on our own. Obstacles were targeted and solutions were given that we believe is moving our church in the right direction."

    Corey Baker
    Corey Baker First Assembly West – Cape Coral, FL
  • "Some of the BEST IDEAS for setting our team up for a win have come from Church Boom. These guys get the nature of processes in a fast growing church and teach it in a way that is easy to understand and implement."

    Wendell Vinson
    Wendell Vinson Canyon Hills – Bakersfield CA
  • "Our experience with Church Boom has been both compelling and practical. It completely challenged the sacred cows and ruts that we all fall into. I highly recommend it!"

    Rusty Raley
    Rusty Raley Crosspoint Church – Paola, KS



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